In a galaxy many light years away...


There is an alien civilization called Chroma that is on the brink of catastrophe. Years ago, the Chroma inhabited many planets across a vast galaxy, each with its own unique resources and characteristics. The Chroma were a clever species and used these resources to create a vibrant inter-planetary civilization. Over time, however, they noticed their planets were dying as a result of their inhabitation. One by one, each of the planets began to degrade, slipping into an uninhabitable state and forcing a tremendous exodus that left all of the Chroma desperately clinging to life on a tiny, overcrowded world.

As the cramped, resource-dwindling years have gone on this lone planet, the Chroma have worked tirelessly and with purpose to save their civilization and each of the wondrous worlds they left behind. Through the power of shared knowledge and teamwork, the Chroma have prepared one final effort to reclaim their lost homes across the galaxy.

This brings us to today

To address these challenges and restore the worlds to their prior glory, the Chroma created androids called Sustainability Augmentation Models, or SAMs. Each SAM is uploaded with an empathy core during creation which helps it navigate the stars in search of the Chroma's dying worlds. Using intuition, advanced technology, and an abundance of courage, each SAM analyzes the resources available and transforms the planet by implementing clean energy technologies so that the Chroma can restore their thriving communities.

The Chroma believe that, once the mission of the SAMs has been completed, they will be rescued from the isolating darkness and return as an empire awash in harmony, light, and abundance. This awe-inspiring end-state, which is greatly anticipated by the former habitants of each world, is known as Luma.

Our particular SAM's mission has just begun. It is the last of its kind, seeking to save the remaining Chroma planets in the galaxy from their terrible fate. It's a long, arduous path that must be traveled, no matter the obstacles, for the sake of the Chroma civilization.

This is The Path to Luma.