The Path to Luma was created in NRG's Innovation Co-lab, an incubator where employees can pitch company executives on big ideas that will change the way people think about or use energy. Co-lab stems from the word "collaboration", and the concept is to bring employees together to pursue innovations that NRG may develop and execute as part of its business. The Path to Luma was dreamed up and brought to fruition by five NRG employees after recognizing an opportunity in gamification as an effective engagement strategy to educate and raise awareness about the challenges of climate change.


Aside from monthly bills and power outages, most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about energy – something that lives in walls and wires that exist largely out of sight. But the energy decisions we make today are hugely important for the future of our planet, so our team set out to bring clean energy into the limelight and get people excited about this traditionally complicated topic. The Path to Luma is an engaging game that gives the clean energy revolution a persona. We love the art-house look of it and the brain candy its visual details offer. As players get more into the game, they’ll realize that they are SAM and can apply the game to their real lives and the choices they make.

The Path to Luma reflects NRG's vision to lead by example on the path to a clean energy future. The team hopes that, by making energy visual, accessible, and easy to understand, the game sparks meaningful conversations around energy and sustainability.

The Path to Luma took 9 months to create and was produced as a collaboration between NRG and Phosphor Games Studio.

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